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The Importance of Having a Dental Plan

No one can deny that access to family dental insurance can make an enormous contribution to the health of entire families, and, as it’s too often the case its absence puts at special risk those who most vulnerable, like the youngest members of a family. Throughout the years, policy and dental experts have asserted the need to take action in the fight against infections of the mouth in children. They estimate that by the time they’re five years old, half of American children will experience tooth decay. Without a doubt, that’s a staggering statistic, but worse is what such inadequate beginnings in oral health bode for the health of these children in the future. Infection and decay that is left untreated does not disappear or even improve on its own; these conditions continue deteriorating the dental structures of young children for as long as no attempt is made to eliminate them.

Dentists are paying attention to the big impact that access to early oral care can have on the wellbeing of the country. That access usually comes hand in hand with having a dental plan in place. One can read from the current state of affairs, as evidenced by research findings like those above, that underlying the dismal numbers that describe the prevalence of untreated dental conditions in children, is a gap in access to the resources that make it possible for young kids to start out with, and maintain, good oral health through their formative years.

Dental Health's Impact on Children

Children that present tooth decay in their youngest years have been observed to be the most likely to present the same condition in adulthood. Oral health that is attended has serious consequences that go beyond the wellbeing of single individuals. Children that grow up with teeth and mouth-tissue problems are at increased risks for academic underperformance, and hence, professional and economic underperformance when they grow up. Lost individual productivity on a large scale means lost productivity on a national one. Having the means to accept a dental PPO offer or similar alternative can tip the scales in the favor of health.

It’s undeniable that oral health should not be neglected, but addressing the root causes, and consequences of the neglect that already exists will require assertive and multi-tiered solutions. One of the most important matters to address will be affordability and the education of folks with scarce understanding of the great importance of keeping teeth and gums healthy.