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3 Dental Plan Insurance Options for Any Budget

If you don't think you can afford dental plan insurance, think again. No matter what kind of budget you're limited by, you'll be able to afford one of these options:

  • A dental PPO plan

    If you're looking for traditional dental plan insurance that won't do a number on your wallet, then you'll love a dental PPO plan. PPOs are what you normally think of when you think about insurance because they require you to pay monthly premium payments, copays, and deductibles. In exchange, you'll get virtually all of your dental services paid for -- or, at the very least, the vast majority of your dental bills paid for.

    And luckily, the money you spend on PPO dental plan insurance is very low. In fact, you can typically get yourself some coverage for the price of a few lunches at your favorite fast food joint.

    While it never strays far from that traditional concept, a dental PPO plan comes in two different formats -- individual plans and family plans. So, whether it's just you looking for dental coverage or you're looking for a way to save money on everyone's dental needs, you'll be happy with a PPO.

  • Bundled dental and vision insurance

    If the savings you get on a dental PPO aren't good enough, you can take it one step further by bundling your dental and vision insurance. That's a fancy way of saying you're going to buy both types of coverage from the same insurance company.

    How does bundling help you save money?

    By getting two policies with the same insurance company, you instantly get to take advantage of loyalty discounts. As a result, you'll pay smaller premiums on your dental and vision insurance, without having to settle for lesser coverage.

    As an added benefit, you don't have to follow any special rules when you bundle your dental and vision insurance. You'll have all of the same benefits that you would have if you had bought each policy by itself.

  • Student dental insurance

    If your budget can't even accommodate the money you'd spend on bundling, see if you qualify for student dental insurance. If you're a full-time student, you might be surprised at how much money you can save on your dental plan insurance!

    Student dental plans are specially-designed to fit into tiny budgets. After all, when you have tuition, books, and room and board to worry about, the last thing you think you can afford is dental insurance! Luckily, student dental insurance will make sure your teeth are taken care of until you graduate.

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