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A Dental PPO Plan - 3 Reasons Why It's the Best Choice

If you are searching for a dental health plan, then you have probably seen the letters "PPO" all over the place. Short for "Preferred Provider Organization", PPO dental insurance is - more often than not - the best choice you can find.
Here's why:

You get to save some valuable money

In many instances, a PPO is the most affordable dental health plan. When you have a dental PPO plan, your insurance company will give you a list of approved providers, and you're free to choose anyone on the list. Luckily, that list can save you a bunch of money!


Insurance companies don't put "just anyone" on their approved list. Part of the qualification process means getting dentists to agree to charge lower rates. For the dentists, it means charging a little less than they normally would - but getting to take advantage of a bunch of patients that they wouldn't have gotten otherwise. For the insurance company, it means paying out less money - which means they can pass their savings onto you. For you, it means getting to take advantage of things like lower monthly premium rates and lower deductibles.

You get to save some valuable time

Since your individual dental PPO plan will come with that all-important list of approved providers, you can save time searching for a good dentist. In order to get on those lists, dentists have to do more than just reduce their fees; they also have to be in good standing. You can rest easy knowing that the dentists on your list are good ones - meaning that you won't have to scour the internet or the phone book, looking for a dentist that you can trust.

You don't have to front any money

Some dental insurance policies require you to pay for services yourself upfront, then get reimbursed later. If you don't have the money to begin with, you will be out of luck!
However, a dental PPO plan doesn't come with any of those headaches. Instead, you will be responsible for any co-pays or charges that are listed in your policy. After that, the insurance company foots the bill. There's no fronting money, no billing the insurance company later, and no waiting around for checks to arrive in the mail!
Bottom line - if given the choice between an individual dental health plan that's a PPO, an HMO, or something else entirely, go for the PPO!