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The Fight Against Gingivitis

As people age, their teeth can experience a wide range of abnormalities. Some will be due to processes related to genetics and will be present at birth, but others will be the result of learned behaviors and habits. To face them without undue stress, an affordable dental insurance will be necessary. Examples of tooth abnormalities include uneven spacing, enamel development that is inadequate or even discolored, tardy tooth eruptions, and cavity formations. Some of these conditions are preventable, but some will require treatment; all will require excellent medical supervision by a trained and specialized dentist. It’s recommended by experts that children receive their first dental checkup by the time they’ve reach three years of age.

Dental Care is not just your teeth

Along with a great individual dental PPO, if you want good teeth, you need to look out for your gums. Gums that show signs of swelling or that have become a source of pain or bleeding require the oversight of a dentist because these are the telltale signs of gingivitis. This is a very serious condition because it is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults. Although poor oral cleaning habits and poor dietary choices are usually to blame for the condition, gingivitis can actually also be occasioned by hormonal changes. In turn, some of these changes can be attributed to things like menopause, puberty, pregnancies, and menstrual cycles. Even getting started on oral birth control can induce the symptoms.

If your doctors have prescribed medication that leads to a reduction in your mouth’s production of saliva, you need to be especially careful to not engage in behaviors that foment gingivitis. Saliva is a very important component of your mouth’s armor against the bacteria that cause gingivitis. If left to run its course, gingivitis will leave you with exposed roots and toothaches upon drinking intemperate beverages -- in other words, sensitivity to hot and cold foods. If you know anyone who’s ever experienced it, you must know what it’s like to be regaled with their tales of oral angst.

Keeping on top of your general health with good dental, vision insurance is paramount, but your mouth deserves very special care. Many of the afflictions it is susceptible to are preventable. Doing your part to keep your mouth healthy also means doing a great deal for your overall wellbeing. Don’t wait until you see the growth of an abscess along your gum line to start flossing.