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Need Affordable Dental Coverage? The Answer Could Lie in Your Eyes!

If you've been tearing the world wide web apart looking for more affordable dental coverage, the answer may actually lie in your eyes, rather than in your mouth!

How can that be?

While there are plenty of low cost dental plans out there to choose from, you can usually save yourself even more money by bundling your dental and vision insurance together.

After all, insurance companies are businesses - and, just like any other business, they want to turn as high of a profit as possible.  They would much rather get two premium checks from you every month, instead of just one.  However, with all of the choices out there, insurance companies know they have to do something to persuade you to do double the business with them.

That's why they offer such great deals on dental and vision insurance "combo plans"!

And, when you save money on both your individual dental plan and your vision coverage, you can do one of two things:

  • You can pocket the extra money - and either use it to put towards other expenses or put it into your savings account.
  • OR

  • You can upgrade your coverage.  That way, you get a higher-quality individual dental plan without paying more for it!

If you pick the latter, you could easily wind up with an affordable dental plan that comes with things like low deductibles, tiny copays, and free routine care.  You also might be able to afford "extras" - like orthodontic coverage, for example - that don't generally come with the low cost dental policies.

Additional Benefits of Combined Dental and Vision Coverage

And, there's another benefit to bundling your dental and vision insurance together - that you probably haven't thought of.

The only companies that offer you the chance to bundle your individual dental plan with your vision coverage are companies that are big enough to offer both.  That means you'll be dealing with one of the "big guys" - meaning you'll get to take advantage of perks like faster customer service, longer lists of approved providers, and more policies to choose from.  Smaller insurance companies usually don't have the resources to offer you all of that.

Plus, when you combine a low cost dental plan with a vision plan, you only have to deal with one insurance company.  So, whenever you have questions or concerns, you'll only need to make one phone call.  That convenience alone can make it worth your while!