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Insurance for Dental Services -- Finding Your Perfect Match

Insurance for dental services offers a wide variety of choices depending on your preferences.  For example, if you are comfortable with selecting your dentist from a network of carefully-chosen dental professionals, you might be best served by a Dental PPO plan.  If you want the freedom to choose any dentist you so desire, your best option might be dental indemnity insurance.

What if your focus is on streamlining and maximizing your dental benefits?  Then your best choice might be to seriously consider the cost-effectiveness of combined dental and vision insurance. 

Are you a student?  Student dental insurance might be your perfect fit.

No matter what your needs, there is a perfect insurance for dental plan in your future!

Indemnity vs PPO Dental Insurance

Let's take a closer look at dental indemnity insurance as compared to the more common dental PPO plans… 

The PPO plans are characterized by a network of plan-selected dental professionals.  Member dentists offer their services at discounted rates in exchange for an increased volume of patients.  These plans ordinarily involve a deductible.  Once satisfied, participants enjoy the benefits of very affordable co-pays, with the insurance company picking up the balance. 

A dental PPO is a perfect plan as long as you're not picky about your specific dentist.  In other words, if your dentist is not a member of the network, he will either be excluded from treating you or you will pick up the difference in the rates.

A dental indemnity insurance plan could be the perfect plan for you if your choice of dentists is paramount.  Like the PPO plans, the indemnity plan (sometimes referred to as a fee-for-services plan) requires a deductible.  Once you have satisfied that deductible your benefits will cover UCR, ("usual, customary, and reasonable") charges.   Insurance generally pays 80% of these charges, with you picking up the remaining 20%.  The catch is, if the insurance company determines that your dentist's fees exceed the accepted UCR rates, you are responsible for the difference.  Needless to say, the primary benefit of dental indemnity insurance is the complete freedom to choose any dentist you want. 

If affordability is more to your liking, you might be best served with a combined dental and vision insurance plan.  The benefit of these plans is that insurance companies are eager to exchange lower rates for customer loyalty. 

Dental and vision insurance is available on an individual basis or as a family plan.  Either way, you stand to save a substantial amount in premiums as opposed to buying the coverages separately.

Student dental insurance is another great option if you qualify.  Generally speaking, if you are a student of at least 17 years of age, and if you are attending college, you are eligible for student dental insurance.  Mindful of a student's tight budget, these plans offer quality care combined with affordable prices. 

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