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Insurance for Dental Benefits Are More Affordable Than Ever

Finding insurance for dental benefits can feel like a daunting process.   But the reality is, there are affordable choices available for everyone.  Here are a few examples.

Combined, dental and vision insurance is a practical and affordable solution, not to mention convenient.  Aside from the fact that you are dealing with only one insurance company for the multiple dental vision insurance benefits, bear in mind that this very insurance company is willing to reward you for your convenience!

In exchange for your enrollment into a combination plan, the insurance company provides you with discounted premiums.   It's a win - win situation for both of you.  The insurance company benefits from your customer loyalty and you receive both insurance for dental and insurance for vision in one convenient package.

What about Dental PPO Plans

Dental PPO plans are another very affordable option, and they combine the best of both worlds.  First, you have a near-unlimited provider network of dentists to serve you.  Why so?  Because in exchange for a large volume of patients, dentists are eager to reduce their normal rates.

You enjoy the benefit of a large network of dental professionals combined with very affordable fees that are exclusively available to members of the dental PPO plan network.

Most dental PPO plans require you to meet a deductible prior to receiving any benefits, however in return, you pay a small percentage for the services, usually 20%, and the insurance company pays the rest.  But since deductibles do vary from plan to plan look for the plan that fits your specific needs at a price you can afford. 

A third great option is a discount dental plan.  These plans are unique because instead of paying premiums to an insurance company, you pay an enrollment fee and then an annual fee to participate in a large network of network providers.  There is no insurance company involved.

The reward is in the dental service fees -- which are typically reduced as much as 50% over standard rates.  There are no co-pays, no deductibles, and no caps on treatments.  And, is if that weren't enough, there are also no claim forms or paperwork to submit. 

A discount dental plan is the perfect choice for those who want thinks like cosmetic dentistry, which is not ordinarily available via the more traditional plans.  These plans are also ideal for those with prior dental conditions, or for those who are over the limits of their primary plan.  If you want the opportunity to save substantially on your dental costs, a discount dental plan may be your perfect solution.

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