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In your search for the perfect dental insurance, you've got to consider cost, convenience, and quality.

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It's easy to find innovative and affordable insurance for dental plans that will meet your exact needs!

Let's begin with the most traditional of all plans -- dental indemnity insurance. While this might not be the most affordable of all insurance for dental plans, it is arguably the most convenient. You might think of it as "traditional dental coverage".

In exchange for a monthly premium, dental indemnity insurance pays for a percentage of your dental fees. Typically, after paying your deductible, 100% coverage is available for preventative services such as cleaning. In addition, you can anticipate your plan to pay 80% for restorative services such as a root canal, and 50% for major treatments such as orthodontics.

Also known as a "fee for service" plan, dental indemnity insurance will pay those fees at "usual and customary and reasonable" (UCR) rates.

Dental Indemnity Insurance is Different

Unlike other insurance for dental plans which restrict you to a network of dental providers, one of the outstanding benefits of dental indemnity insurance is that you can visit any provider of your choice. It is prudent, however, to research dental rates in advance to confirm that your preferred dentist's fees do not exceed customary UCR rates. If those rates do exceed that level, you will be responsible for the difference.

If you're a student, student dental insurance might be exactly what you've been looking for. For reasons beyond your control, such as being ineligible for your family's dental policy, or simply because you cannot afford insurance for dental costs, as a student you might feel you're forced to ignore your dental health. Relax. Student dental insurance is increasingly affordable.

For rates as low as $10 a month, you can find the protection you need at a price you can afford. Student dental insurance can be modified to meet your specific dental requirements. Whether it's for basic preventative treatments such as routine cleaning, or for more advanced services including orthodontics, student dental insurance can be available for you until you graduate. And better yet, you can look forward to 15% to 60% savings on those precise services.

Last but not least, when searching for your perfect insurance for dental plan always consider combining your dental and vision insurance.

Insurance companies want to get as many premiums as possible. For you it's as easy as one payment a month to one company for your personal dental and vision needs. Simply put, with the right dental and vision insurance plan -- everybody wins!

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