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Finding the Best Dental Insurance Means Considering All Your Options

Finding your best dental insurance doesn’t have to be confusing. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Look for a dental health plan that fits your specific requirements

    For example, while one person might place importance on orthodontics, preventative care or restorative treatment might be more important to you. In other words, to achieve full benefit of your dollars select a dental health plan that works directly for you.

  • Consider family dental insurance

    A family dental health plan is an excellent choice because it combines affordability with a wide array of treatment options.

    Regular trips to the dentist contribute to everyone's well-being, and they help alleviate more serious dental conditions in the future. Most good family plans will pay 100% of your routine checkup expenses!

    But that's not all. The good family dental insurance plans will also help you pay for all kinds of specialized procedures, too.

  • Stretch your dollars with combined dental and vision insurance

    Insurance companies are often eager to combine -- or bundle- - dental and vision insurance in exchange for two premiums. What's good for you is that while you may be paying two premiums, those premiums are usually offered at reduced rates. Dental and vision plans allow you the freedom to work with only one company. And as an added plus, with one insurance carrier it's easy to combine your family plan or individual plan with this budget friendly bundling option.

  • Prioritize your dental health plan priorities

    Certainly an important objective is monthly cost. But there are other factors to consider.

    For example, many dental insurance plans offer managed care through a network of dental providers who offer services at reduced rates. When you use a network provider, your insurance company typically pays a large percentage of those rates and you pay the balance. In many instances, a deductible also applies. Often you do have the freedom to visit a dentist outside of the network, although at a higher rate.

    But consider and compare these factors as well. How high is the deductible? What is the percentage of the copayment? Is there a specific limit per year? Are there a variety of dentists available in the network? Do those dentists meet your needs? Would you prefer a plan where you can visit any dentist? Ultimately, your best decision should reflect price along with your personal needs, your individual preferences, and your own dental situation.

Bottom line -- you can find your best dental insurance with a little time invested and a good understanding of choices.

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