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There are many dental health plan options

Looking for the best dental insurance at a price you can afford?  Relax, there are plenty of options available to you.  Your key to success is to become familiar with the dental health plan choices that are best suited to you.  Here are some pointers to get you started.

Dental health plans can be divided into two basic categories -- traditional plans and discount plans.  The traditional plans are those that are offered by insurance companies.  The most common of these plans are the PPO dental plans.  These plans are supported by a network of dental professionals who offer substantial discounts for their services in return for an increased level of patients. 

Typically the dental PPO plans require a deductible.  Your reward, however, are the low fees for services combined with your low co-pays.  Generally you can expect your co-pays to fall in the range of 20% with the insurance company paying the balance.  When you take into account that these low co-pays are based on already reduced fees, you're looking at a real bargain.

Interestingly, the best dental insurance plan for you might not be insurance at all!  Dental discount plans are offer an affordable alternative to so-called traditional insurance plans. 

Why are these plans "not insurance"? 

Because they are administered by a network of dental professionals who offer services directly to members of that network. 

Ordinarily, members pay a very affordable enrollment fee along with an annual renewal fee.  In return, members benefit from greatly reduced rates for virtually all dental services.  Dentists are eager to reduce their rates in exchange for the influx of patients.  These plans do not require a deductible, nor are there claim forms involved, as there is no insurance company involved.

The best dental insurance alternative for students might well be student dental insurance.   Qualifying applicants must be 17 years of age, and must be attending college.  Both full time and part time students are eligible for these dental health insurance plans.

College students need student dental insurance when they are not covered by another plan.  For example, they might be out of range or out of network for their parent's PPO or employer HMO plan.  Conversely, parents might not have a dental health insurance plan at all, or the over-26 graduate student no longer qualifies for the parent's plan.  Additionally, in instances where the school might offer a basic dental health insurance plan of its own, the school-based plan may be inadequate to fit the student's needs.

In situations such as these, student dental insurance might well be the best dental insurance option - and the most cost-effective.  These dental health insurance plans are, by design, affordable.  And they provide quality coverage.

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