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Answers to Your Top Dental PPO Questions

If you're shopping for a dental health plan, you'll see that PPO's are a very popular option.


In order to answer that, you need to know exactly how a dental PPO works.  Here are answers to the 5 most common questions:

  • What kind of coverage do I get with a dental PPO?

    A dental PPO is just like any other dental health plan; the coverage you have depends on your specific policy.  Some plans have higher deductibles, some provide free routine care, and some have very low monthly premiums.  In order to get a PPO dental plan that best suits your needs, you're going to have to do some comparison shopping.

  • Do I need to visit a particular dentist?


    That's one of the unique features of a dental PPO.  No matter what kind of PPO you have, you'll get a list of approved providers - from basic dentists to specialists.  As long as you go to a provider that's on this list, you'll get the full benefit of your dental health plan.  If you go to a provider that's not on this list, you'll wind up paying some (or all) of your bills yourself.

    Different PPO plans have different lists.  Before you sign on the dotted line, it's important to make sure that your plan comes with a lengthy list of providers.  Otherwise, you may wind up having to see a dentist that you're not crazy about.

  •  Why is there a list in the first place?

    The approved provider list is actually what makes a PPO dental plan so affordable!  In order to be on the list, dentists have to agree to charge a lower rate.  Since your insurance company is saving money on your services and procedures, they can pass those savings onto you.

  • Do I need pre-authorization before I make an appointment?

    Not with a dental PPO.  Unlike an HMO dental plan, you can make appointments with dentists and specialists anytime you want.  You will never need to call your insurance company for authorization first.  You also won't be required to get a referral from your primary dentist in order to see a specialist.

  • Can my entire family sign up for a dental PPO?


    PPO family dental insurance is very common, thanks in large part to the fact that it's typically the most affordable form of coverage.  Whether you're looking for an individual dental plan or family dental insurance for everyone in your house, you can get the coverage you need through a PPO.