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Affordable Dental Care - Combining Affordability With Quality

Afraid you can't find affordable dental care? Relax. With an understanding of the many dental health plans that are available today, you can find the choice that combines affordability with quality.

Remember, the best dental insurance is the plan that combines your needs with your budget. That's why a dental PPO plan should head the list of your possible options.

Why a dental PPO? Because it combines the stability of managed dental care with the benefit of discounted rates. Here's how it works:

Dental PPO plans are managed by insurance companies. More specifically, the insurance company negotiates the rates and authorizes certain dentists for membership into the network. In turn, dentists offer their services for these deeply discounted rates in exchange for the large client base.

Dental Care in Action

The consumer benefits not only from the discounted rates but also from the co-pays, or percentages applied to those rates. For example, per the approved rate schedule a dentist might bill a PPO $100 for a certain procedure which might ordinarily cost $300 for consumers without a dental health plan. Under the terms of the dental PPO, out of the original billing the consumer would be responsible only for his or her co-pay, or percentage. At a percentage of 20%, the consumer would be responsible only for $20, with the remaining 80% paid by the insurance company.

Dental PPO's do have certain requirements depending on the terms of the policy. Most all of these popular dental health plans, for instance, require a deductible. Simply put, the deductible represents the amount the consumer must pay out of pocket before benefits initiate. Accordingly, when shopping for a dental PPO, make certain to compare deductible rates into your overall costs.

Another important consideration in searching for your best dental insurance plan is to look for a plan that offers a large number of providers in a wide range of specialties. For example, does the network include orthodontists and other specialists, and are they available at similarly affordable rates? Also, you should determine if out of network dentists are included, and, if so, at what rate.

Don't forget to compare each of the dental PPO plans in terms of coverage limits. In other words, does one plan limit you to a certain dollar amount per year? And, if so, do the rate structures, the co-pays and the deductibles offset this limit?

With a crunching of the numbers and a careful review of the fine print, you can find an affordable dental plan that meets your personal needs. A dental PPO plan might be exactly what you need!

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