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4 Reasons Why a Dental PPO Plan is the Best Dental Plan for You

If you're shopping for individual dental coverage, you may not know all of the ins and outs of the insurance industry, but you do know two things - you want good coverage, and you want affordable coverage. The best way to get it is through a dental PPO plan.
Here's why:

It covers the services and procedures that you need

Every individual dental plan is different, but typically, a dental PPO plan will cover just about everything you could ever need - from routine maintenance, to preventative care, to emergency services, to oral surgery, to orthodontic work. Even if your dental PPO plan doesn't pay the full cost of everything, you'll wind up paying far less in deductibles and copays than you would if you didn't have any insurance!

It has tons of dentists to choose from

One of the "rules" of a dental PPO plan is that you have to pick a dentist from a list of providers that have been approved by your insurance company. As long as you go to one of these dentists, you'll get full benefit of your plan. If you choose not to go to one of these dentists, you could wind up footing the bills all by yourself.
Luckily, though a good dental PPO plan will come with a long list of dentists. You might even be able to find your current dentist on there! At the very least, you'll be able to find a dentist that's close to your home or office.

It's affordable

This just might be the biggest perk of a dental PPO plan! Depending on your specific situation, you might be able to get an individual dental PPO plan for $10 or $20 per month! When you look at it that way, you simply can't afford not to get this dental plan!
How come these plans are so cheap?
It's all in the list!
In order to be on an insurance company's approved provider list, dentists have to - among other things - agree to give the insurance company a discount. Since the insurance company is saving money on the services and procedures you're getting, they can pass those savings onto you. The result is lower premium payments than other types of dental coverage.

It's convenient

If you ever need to turn your individual dental plan into a family dental plan, a PPO is easy to switch. A simple phone call to your insurance company should take care of everything you need.