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3 Affordable Dental Insurance Tips Everyone Can Take Advantage Of

How can I find an affordable dental plan?

If you're completely stressed out by your search for low cost dental coverage, take a deep breath and calm down.  Finding affordable dental insurance is easier than you think.  In fact, you can make your search a whole lot easier, just by following the 3 tips listed below. 

And, as an added benefit, these tips can help anyone - whether you're looking for individual dental coverage or a full-blown family plan!

  • Look at the "out of pocket maximum", not just the premiums

    Lots of people judge a dental plan solely by the premium payments.  Yes, you need a plan that comes with affordable monthly premiums, but there's a whole lot more that goes into it.  Remember, both family dental insurance and individual dental coverage will require you to meet deductibles, pay copays, and perhaps even spring for coinsurance percentages.

    Here's the bottom line - all policies come with what's called an "out of pocket maximum", or, the most money you would have to pay in a calendar year.  If that number is higher than you could ever imagine spending, you need to find a more affordable dental policy.  Even paying slightly higher premiums may knock your out of pocket maximum down significantly - but the only way you'll know is to shop around!

    And if you're looking at family dental insurance policies, make sure you're looking at the total out of pocket maximum - not the out of pocket maximum per family member. 

  • Opt for family dental insurance if you can

    In most cases, family plans offer more affordable dental coverage than their individual counterparts.  Yes, you'll pay a lump sum in premium payments every month, but it should actually be lower per person than what each of you would pay for an individual dental plan.

    If it's just you - and there's no one else in your household to split family dental insurance with - you can still find low cost dental coverage.  By shopping around, you should be able to find monthly premium that aren't much higher than the cost of a few value meals at your favorite fast food restaurant!

  • Look at "untraditional" options

    If you think that you have to have a "traditional" insurance plan that comes with premiums, deductibles, and copays, think again.  You can find low cost dental coverage in all kinds of places - like a discount dental plan.  These plans work a little differently, but in many cases, they're a more affordable dental option.