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Thinking of Getting a Discount Dental Plan? 4 Reasons Why It’s a Good Idea

If you have been shopping for dental plan insurance, then you've probably seen how pricey it can be. Sure, there are plenty of affordable dental plans out there – but even those might be a little beyond your price range. But if you think you have to be stuck without any kind of dental insurance coverage, think again. A discount dental plan might be exactly what you need!

What is it?

A discount dental plan is an alternative to traditional dental plan insurance that's offered by many of the same companies that offer regular dental insurance. Instead of giving you full-blown dental coverage – where the entire cost of your cleaning or x-rays might be covered – these plans give you discounts on services.
Under a discount dental plan, you might get 60% off your dental cleanings, a 20% discount on your x-rays, or a 50% discount on teeth whitening services. You may even get to take advantage of big discounts on major procedures – like root canals, denture fittings, and crown installations.

But how does getting a discount dental plan help you?

Here are 4 reasons why getting a discount dental plan is a good idea:

It's cheaper than traditional dental insurance coverage

The monthly premiums on a discount dental plan are much lower than the monthly premiums for a traditional policy. In fact, you can get a discount dental plan that costs about $75 a year! Even the cheapest dental insurance plans are going to cost more than that.

You can get a family plan

A discount dental plan isn't something that you have to take advantage of all by yourself. Just like traditional dental plan insurance, you can add your spouse and your kids into the mix. And when you do, your family gets to take advantage of the same discounts that you do – oftentimes, at an even lower rate!

You can take advantage of "extras"

When you get traditional dental insurance coverage, you usually only get the coverage itself. However, when you get a discount dental plan, you can oftentimes get "extras" thrown in – like free vision care, prescription benefits, and even free access to orthodontics discounts.

You get immediate service

When you sign up for traditional dental plan insurance, you often have to wait for everything to go through before you can start taking advantage of your benefits. However, under a discount dental plan, there are no waiting periods. Instead, you get immediate access to the deals you're entitled to.