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Traditional Dental Plan Insurance vs. Discount Dental Plans

Comparing Monthly Costs and Services

Looking for affordable insurance for dental expenses? Begin by weighing the convenience and expense of conventional dental plan insurance versus a discount dental plan.

Let's take a look at the differences:

Typically, insurance for dental care is offered by an insurance company. In exchange for a monthly premium, the consumer enjoys the benefits of reduced rates, provider networks, and affordable co-pays. The plans can be purchased and modified for family coverage or as individual dental insurance.

Most dental plan insurance policies also require an annual deductible. In some instances these plans also include an annual coverage limit. For this reason, it's always a good idea to compare all pertinent plan details to determine which of them fits your needs, your budget, or whether you are better suited for individual dental insurance or a family plan.

A popular alternative to traditional dental plan insurance is the discount dental plan. Unlike the traditional plans, these affordable discount options are managed by consumer groups that contract with a wide network of dentists who provide dental services at deeply reduced rates.

Members of a discount dental plan pay fees rather than premiums. Typically these fees include an enrollment fee and an annual renewal fee. Administrative costs are lower than with traditional dental plan insurance policies in part because there is no paperwork to process. Members of the network pay the pre-negotiated rates directly to network dentists, bypassing claim forms or reimbursement processing. In addition, discount plans do not restrict coverage limits. For you, that means no limitations on the number of covered services you can receive in a year.

Discount dental plans can also be modified to suit your particular coverage needs. Both family and individual plans are available. As well, unlike the more traditional insurance plans, some discount dental plans also include coverage and discounts for cosmetic dental services. More often than not, dental plan insurance policies do exclude coverage for cosmetic dentistry.

In both cases, whether the more conventional insurance plans, or the increasingly popular dental discount plans, do your research on the plan providers before you make your final selection. Make certain that those dentists provide the type of services that you need. And, if you have a preferred dentist or specialist, check first to verify if that provider is included in the network.

With a little bit of personal planning and some basic comparative research, there's no question you can find the perfect plan for you.

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